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Maspro ensures that new IT infrastructure solutions are properly established at customer locations. Oftentimes, merely supplying and shipping the products is not good enough. Customers need installation and/implementation services to ensure that the solution is properly deployed in their environment. Maspro offers a variety of installation and implementation services to assist clients. T his service ensures that your business challenges are addressed and solutions implemented properly, from initial consultation to design and site preparation, through staging and piloting, logistics, and installation.

Typical Implementation Deliverables:

Network implementation services are defined by your unique requirements ranging from a router installation where we assist your staff, to an enterprise wide "turnkey" delivery of network operations centers where we lead, develop and deliver a complete solution to you. We deliver value-added services such as:

  Implementation programs delivered on time and within budget
  Progress and variance reports
  Knowledge transfer and post implementation support
  Uses proven methodologies and best practices to ensure faultless implementation
  On-site project management
  Project documentation
  Documentation of our work
  Installation and configuration  
  File/Print Servers  
  Internet Services (Email, Web, FTP, Telnet)  
  Internet Security (Firewalls, Intrusion Detection)  
  Internet Gateways  
  Security Concepts and Implementation  
  Clamav, spamassasin  
  Windows NT/2000/2003 Server and Workstation  
  File/Print Servers/active directory  
  Internet Information Server  
  Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server  
  Exchange Server  
  MS SQL Server  
  Proxy Server  
  Security Concepts and Implementation  
  Internet security accelerator  
  Antivirus & anti span configurations  
  Cisco switches  
  Cisco routers  
  Internet Security (Firewalls, Intrusion Detection)  
  Internet Gateways  
  Load balancing  
  NAS & SAN implementation  
  Trend micro  
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